One of the best coaching institutes I've come across, sir makes the concepts soo easy and flexible it literally fits in the brain. Its not just about academics the entire feeling of being at the institute is more like family, its a healthy conducive atmosphere where everyone helps you grow and you help the others grow.

Drishti Bhagchandanii

(UPSC Comprehensive Batch 2020-21)

A "must join" hub for UPSC.
Enthusiastic, interactive and friendly faculty who will go beyond limits to help you out and mentor you personally. Build your level from the scratch.
A great coaching Centre for UPSC, I am sure MPSC is good as well.
Great content, answer writing and mentorship.
One of the best experiences as a learning Centre in my life. Thanks to Nirav da.

Vedant Navandar

UPSC Comprehensive Batch 2020-21

This is the best place for MPSC aspirants. If you are really serious about MPSC and looking for the best place to start your preparation both offline and online, then this is the right place. Supportive faculty and always ready to guide you and help you. Special thanks to Arvind sir, Sumit sir and Nirav sir for creating online platform for those students like me who are unable to go Pune for their preparation.

Piyush Wankar

MPSC Comprehensive Batch 2020-21

H.V Desai Competitive Exams Centre is very good institute for Competitive Exams ever I seen. They are some best quality like:
1.Good teacher who is equally passionate & concerned about your exam.
2. Accessible to every student, every time.
3. Daily answer writing (immensely helpful).
4. Planned schedule for tests with detailed evaluation by faculty themselves.
5. Not like other commercial classes (visit & you will know).
All teacher Arvind sir, Sumit sir, Kshitija ma'am, Sohail sir and so on are cover all exam point of view portion and other extra knowledge which important for Exams. There's no issue in going ahead with HVDCEC
So far it's going good.. & yeah, hoping for the best!

Ashish Raut

MPSC Comprehensive Batch 2020-21

Nirav Da's classes are blessing to the students like me who cannot go to big cities for classes, I hail from a small town in Tamilnadu where we do not have UPSC classes opportunity, i decided to start preparation in lockdown as I had plenty of time in hand, I was first skeptical of Online classes but after attending sirs couple of economic sessions i was sure that he is perfect coach for students like me. thank u nirav sir, looking forward to meeting you personally.

Parthasarathi Venkateshan

UPSC Comprehensive Batch 2020-21

Amazing, outstanding, informative and so interesting that you never get bored of listening to nirav sir. He is a package of economics, history, sociology, environment. You just don't gain knowledge from him but also human values, consistency and a positive attitude towards life. You will feel proud to be a student of a person like him. The thing i loved is that he motivates you in the beginning of class and in the end of class as well. Whenever i feel like thats enough for today or will study tomorrow.. no loss if i skip one day but then i remember his words consistency is the key of game.
So in one word, He is BRILLIANT.
Thank you sir for being so nice.

Muskan Narang

UPSC Batch 2020

Nirav Da has completely revolutionised the way of learning. It won't be wrong to say that he is currently one of the best teachers in India. His strategy is helpful for building the foundation required to clear competitive exams. A well structured approach towards various subjects helps in clearing the concepts and makes clearing some of the toughest competitive exams seem a fairly easy task.

Harshwardhan Sharma

UPSC Batch 2020

Freshly graduated from a medical college and preparing to embark on a new journey for realising my long cherished dream of becoming a civil servant,suddenly I realised I was trapped in a maze,not knowing how to find my way out.It was at such a juncture that Nirav Da Sir came as my saviour-I attended one orientation lecture online by sir.I hit the jackpot that very instant.I managed to find the needle in the haystack.I was so motivated and a clearer road now appeared before me,beckoning me to move ahead.Now,after having attended his classes,i can assure you all that i have learnt a lot not just Economics but many life lessons that sir used to give us on a regular basis,keeping us 100% charged with motivation.A true friend and a superb teacher,multidimensional personality,he keeps monitoring his disciples 24×7,guiding us in our road to success.An investment in Nirav Da will give better returns in the form of many abled bureaucrats and our country becoming a super power nation in the long run.

Dr Apunba Oinam

UPSC Batch 2020

One of the best in-house experience of outcome-based learning for Upsc CSE preparation.Faculty over here are more of a guide-friend-philosopher than mere lecturers.A top-notch institute in Pune for Upsc.

Dishant Majithia

UPSC Batch 2019-2020

I joined H V Desai competitive exam centre, mainly to clear my concepts in General Study Paper 4. I got great help from Nirav sir in Civil (Mains) examination He gave personal focus on each one us, checked answer sheets personally including doubt clearing.
Last but not the least , Nirav sir is like 'Friend,Philosopher & Guide'.
Thanks Nirav Sir.

Samrat Salve

UPSC Batch 2019-2020

I am a FOUNDATION BATCH student. I'm loving the way our foundation is being created for UPSC.
The TEACHING METHOD is very student friendly and the faculty is really good in terms of understanding whether the students are progressing or not.
The VIBE of the institute is super exam supportive and positive.

Simran Pardeshi

Foundation Batch 2019-2020

• Faculty is easily Accessible.... passionate.... supportive and Encouraging.
• Timely mock tests will help to know yourself.
• As classroom teaching play a crucial role you can clarify your doubts with faculty there and side by side you will feel the essence of competition and a glance of where you are weak in comparison to others.
• Fees is also less in comparison to the other known institutes. It's a complete Package.

Amit Tapadiya

UPSC Batch 2019-20

I am very fortunate to get here. Some things can only be experienced.This is one of them.
The dedication, efforts and teaching is really unparallel and of highest quality.

If you are really serious about UPSC ,this is the place for you.

If any doubts , just talk with Nirav sir for a fair and unbiased opinion about your way ahead.

Kausthub Lahoti

UPSC Batch 2019-20

Faculty is easily accessible and has a proper planned schedule for course. Major optionals under one roof helps a lot in managing time. Also regular answer writing practice is specifically taken.

Jayesh Saboo

UPSC Batch 2018-19

HV Desai CEC has best faculty which is accessible and approachable all the time

Systematic phase wise plan for syllabus completion is adhered to along with topic wise tests

Daily Answer Writing with discussion is the USP

Along with this Nirav Sir's extra effort to make us understand complex concepts of Economics , Ethics and other subjects always keeps u near to the Goal

This is the best place u can be in for the preparation of Civil services exam

Akshata Gawali

UPSC Batch 2018-19

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