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UPSC Classroom MOCK Mains 2021

Plans & Packages

UPSC Classroom MOCK Mains 2021

₹6,999/- ₹4,999/- 28.58%

Classroom Test

UPSC Exam Condition

UPSC Standard Paper

Evaluation within a Week

Entire Process Will be Monitored by Nirav Da

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H.V Desai Competitive Exams Centre run by Nirav Da, aims at providing affordable and exam-oriented coaching for our future bureaucrats. Located in the heart of Pune City, we provide best infrastructure, state of art facilities with most student friendly environment. We aim at providing not just requisite knowledge to compete in Competitive Exams, but also to inculcate in the aspirants, a sense of national pride, democratic values, empathy for common people, commitment to uphold high standards of integrity, work-ethic and administrative qualities.

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