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Dr.Apunba Oinam from Manipur

Dr.Apunba Oinam from Manipur

Freshly graduated from a medical college and preparing to embark on a new journey for realising my long cherished dream of becoming a civil servant,suddenly I realised I was trapped in a maze,not knowing how to find my way out.It was at such a juncture that Nirav Da Sir came as my saviour-I attended one orientation lecture online by sir.I hit the jackpot that very instant.I managed to find the needle in the haystack.I was so motivated and a clearer road now appeared before me, beckoning me to move ahead. Now,after having attended his classes,i can assure you all that i have learnt a lot not just Economics but many life lessons that sir used to give us on a regular basis,keeping us 100% charged with motivation.A true friend and a superb teacher,multidimensional personality,he keeps monitoring his students 24×7,guiding us in our road to success.An investment in Nirav Da will give better returns in the form of many abled bureaucrats and our country becoming a super power nation in the long run.

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