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Upsc Anthropology Optional

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About Instructor

Course Overview

Anthropology is one of the optional subjects that candidates can choose to appear for in the UPSC mains examination. As of my last update in September 2021, the optional subjects for the UPSC mains examination included Anthropology.

Anthropology is the study of human societies, cultures, and their development. It covers various aspects such as social, cultural, linguistic, and biological anthropology. Candidates who have a background or interest in anthropology may opt for this subject to showcase their knowledge and understanding in the field.

About This Course

  • Topic wise coverage of Syllabus
  • Daily Answer Writing
  • Mentoring Sessions
  • Daily Live Lectures and Recorded Sessions
  • Regular Tests and Test Series provided

Course Features:

  1. Comprehensive syllabus coverage: The course would cover the entire UPSC Anthropology Optional syllabus, which includes topics such as the fundamentals of anthropology, human evolution, socio-cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology, and more.
  2. Expert faculty: The course would be conducted by experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who are well-versed in anthropology and have a strong understanding of the UPSC exam pattern and requirements.
  3. Study materials: Comprehensive study materials, both in print and digital formats, would be provided to the students. These materials are tailored to meet the needs of the UPSC examination.
  4. Mock tests and practice papers: Regular mock tests and practice papers would be given to the students to help them assess their understanding, track progress, and get accustomed to the actual exam format.
  5. Answer writing practice: Since the UPSC exam requires well-structured and concise answers, the course may focus on answer writing skills to enhance students’ ability to present their knowledge effectively.
  6. Doubt clearing sessions: The course might include doubt-clearing sessions to address any queries or difficulties that students may have while studying anthropology.
  7. Current affairs integration: Though anthropology is not a dynamic subject like general studies, some aspects of current affairs might be relevant to anthropology, and the course could integrate those aspects to provide a broader understanding of the subject.
  8. Personalized attention: Some courses may offer individual mentoring or counseling to help students stay focused and motivated throughout the preparation process.
  9. Online and offline options: Depending on the institute or coaching center offering the course, there might be both online and offline modes of learning available to suit the preferences of the students.
  10. Test series and evaluation: Besides mock tests, the course may include a structured test series, and performance evaluation to help students gauge their performance and make improvements accordingly.

Course summary

  • You’ll not only master the essentials, but you’ll receive hands-on applications and examples that will show you how to use this knowledge in a day-to-day real estate practice or in personal real estate investing.
  • By mixing explanation of legal theory with specific and practical examples, the instructor draws a balance between legal philosophy and legal practice.
  • You’ll soon see just how fascinating a topic real property law can be.


Section 1: Introduction to Course Comprehensive
150+ Learning Material (157 Video lectures)
Section 2: What else you will get?
Interactive video lessons
Learn at your convenience
Bigger screen, better clarity
Start On June 14, 2023
Duration 365 days
Level Beginner
Instution H.V Desai Competitive Exams Centre
Price 25,000.00

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