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100 day Preparation plan for UPSC Prelims exam

100 day Preparation plan for UPSC Prelims exam

Preparing for the UPSC Prelims exam requires a systematic and well-structured approach. Here’s a 100-day preparation plan that covers all the important aspects you need to focus on:

Days 1-30: Understanding the Syllabus and Basic Concepts
Day 1-5: Familiarize yourself with the UPSC syllabus for Prelims. Analyze previous year’s question papers.
Day 6-10: Start with the basic subjects – History, Geography, Polity, Economy, and Environment. Use NCERT books and standard reference books.
Day 11-15: Focus on static topics in Science and Technology, Art and Culture, and Indian Society.
Day 16-20: Cover current affairs from the last 6 months. Read newspapers, online sources, and magazines for this purpose.
Day 21-25: Revise all the topics covered so far. Make concise notes for quick revision.
Day 26-30: Take your first full-length mock test to assess your current level of preparation.
Days 31-60: In-depth Study and Practice
Day 31-45: Cover the remaining static topics and go through the notes you prepared earlier.
Day 46-50: Dive deeper into current affairs and revise your notes regularly.
Day 51-55: Begin solving previous year’s question papers and mock tests. Analyze your mistakes and weak areas.
Day 56-60: Take another full-length mock test. Focus on improving your time management skills.
Days 61-90: Intensive Revision and Mock Tests
Day 61-75: Concentrate on revising the entire syllabus. Use revision notes and keep practicing with mock tests.
Day 76-85: Take sectional tests to strengthen your weaker areas. Continue solving previous year’s papers.
Day 86-90: Take at least two full-length mock tests each week. Analyze your performance and improve upon your weaknesses.
Days 91-100: Final Preparations
Day 91-95: Focus on improving your speed and accuracy by taking short quizzes and time-based tests.
Day 96-98: Do a quick revision of important current affairs topics and revise your notes for the last time.
Day 99: Relax and take the day off. Avoid studying too much on this day.
Day 100: Take a final mock test. Analyze your performance and boost your confidence.

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